March 25, 2023

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The shortage leads to long queues and fights at UK gas stations; Watch the video World

Last week, there were fights and arguments at gas stations United Kingdom The tense climate is exacerbated by the crisis in the distribution sector, which has pushed drivers to the limit after spending hours in queues. (Watch the video above).

There is petrol, dealers say, and the problem is in transportation. Due to the shortage of truck drivers operating in the country, the sector has found problems in supplying fuels within Great Britain – in addition to other products.

“Sorry, ‘No’ We have too much fuel today, sorry,” reads poster at London Gas Station on September 28, 2021 – Photo: Frank Augustine / AB

Problems with distribution in the country – which is an island, making its logistics even more difficult – are not new.

In recent months, many companies in the food industry have been reporting difficulties in obtaining basic products. Fast food chains (like Mc Donalds for example) were without the famous and traditional French fries.

Last week, however, it was difficult for customers to get fuel as oil companies BP and ExxonMobil announced the closure of gas stations. In addition, the supermarket shelves are already exhausted.

The British faced long queues at those gas stations that were able to replenish their shares. But in some regions, 50% to 90% of sales outlets are completely without gas.

Concerned, medical associations, nurses and caregivers are asking health professionals to prioritize when it comes to products.

On September 28, 2021, the British gas station pump failed due to fuel shortages

Is there a fuel shortage?

According to the British government, No.. Problem with transporting fuel to sales points. Transport Secretary Grant Shops said the petrol shortage was the fault of drivers who ran after the product out of “public panic”.

“There is no shortage of fuel and people need to be sensible and refuel only when they need to,” Shops said in an interview with the British broadcaster Andrew Marr on the BBC.

A Petrol Retailers Association (PRA), the country’s gas station association, said there had been no increase in fuel supplies in many parts of the UK and that there was still a lot of pressure from drivers trying to fill up without success.

The shortage of truck drivers poses a shortage threat in the UK

Opponents of Boris Johnson’s government say it is a “declared mess.” Brexit – There is a problem like the UK leaving the European Union. Long hours and low pay are driving many drivers out of business.

The situation was worse because good parts of the lorry drivers who worked in the country came from European camps. Previously, they roamed freely. Now, new frontier bureaucracies are blocking and any delay will cost money: many drivers are paid from a distance, not hours.

With the control of the epidemic, many of them returned home and did not return. According to recent estimates, the transportation sector is operating with an estimated labor shortage of about 100,000 drivers.

The conservative government is seeking to turn to foreign workers to tackle the problem. Officers 5,000 visas will be issued to drivers Have to work temporarily from other countries until Christmas.

The Eastern European Transport Associations, the UK’s main source of labor in recent years, did not want to say or help the British learn to deal with the effects of Brexit.

Truck Distribution Station in Manchester, England, September 28, 2021 – Photo: John Super / AB

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