March 27, 2023

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The shooter who killed 5 people in the UK has been described by the world as a ‘spontaneous bachelor’

Or balloon

Jake Davidson, author of The Assassination in England

According to “Sun”, the author of the massacre in Plymouth (England), “unwilling celibate”. Jack Davidson, 23, was shot and killed five people, including a child, on Thursday afternoon (8/8). The British then killed themselves.

In YouTube videos, Jake described how “he was ugly” and “defeated by life”. Britain’s profile on the network reveals that he was fitted with guns and maintained a discourse on male domination and misconception. In one of the latest posts, Jake, who is licensed to carry a gun, concludes, “I’m a Terminator.”

Two weeks ago, Jake talked about how difficult it is to “have the determination” when life does not pay him back. Britt said he had not spoken to a woman since he was 18 and that he “overdosed on blackheads” (in English the word implies the belief that the success of the opposite sex is determined by genetics).

The community of “unwilling celibates” (also known as “single virgins”), also known as Incel (an expression derived from the early letters of the “unwilling celibate” in English), was made up mainly of men who were angry at women. A police report states that members of the group “seek to engage in violence in support of the belief that women are unjustly denied sexual or romantic attention.”

Last month, a 21-year-old man, defining himself as an Insell, was arrested on charges of plotting to kill about 3,000 people in Ohio (USA). He defined the project as a “big goal”.

Elliott Rodger, of British descent, was killed in an attack on the University of California at Santa Barbara in 2014 when he killed six people and wounded 14 others.

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The lawsuit affected 10 people who were murdered in Canada in 2018 when Alec Minassian threw a van at a mob. On Facebook, he posted messages in support of Incel.