June 28, 2022

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The Scottish bike lane looks like Paperboy

The Scottish bike lane looks like Paperboy

Screenshot of bendy's course track in Edinburgh alongside a similar screenshot in Paperboy.

picture: Dave Makro / Atari / Mobigames / Kotaku

There is a street in Edinburgh, Scotland, that presents a real version of paper boyCurvy cycling roads, and I’m here to celebrate that. As part of the city £207 million ($253 million) project To run the trams across the popular route, a new section of the bike lane has been put in place, which, as seen in a recently tweeted video, presents a very challenging challenge.

While there’s been a mockery of the Scottish Bike Trail since it officially opened in April, you won’t get to see the video game-like design on everything until after watching Dave McCraw’s video of totally batshit design.

There is a lot that is very special here. Like any good game, the arcade not only has an excellent zigzag pattern for learning, but it comes with all kinds of obstacles as well. There are these enormous cultivators, poking in the driveway to avoid. and fact Light poles out of track On the other side.

As you’ve probably noticed, the design makes your bike have to negotiate many other trails, including sidewalks (sidewalks are called sidewalks), where you veer violently left and right to try and keep up with increasingly difficult directions.

Alas, the NPC AI looks pretty terrible, carelessly wandering the course, even when you’re rushing towards them. Much improvement is required in this regard.

I think my favorite feature is the supermarket outlet that spills directly into the bike lane, because it makes it more difficult for all players by removing the entire lane fabric!

This is my official invitation to hold a special meeting at this very location in the year 2024, on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of paper boyThe initial release.

Look, it’s strange:

Screenshot of Paperboy's winding docks.

screenshot: Mobygames / Atari

Slow news day? you betcha.

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