December 8, 2022

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The report says that by 2021, 488 journalists will be imprisoned worldwide; 46 people were killed | The world

Total Around the world, 488 journalists have been detained, An increase of 20% compared to 2020, according to the annual report of Reporters Without Borders (RSF) released this Thursday (16).

The report says Mexico and Afghanistan top the list of countries most at risk for doing business.

The number of imprisoned journalists has not been so high since the RSF’s annual report was created in 1995, ”said the Paris-based organization.

Of the 488 journalists detained worldwide, 60 women, Says RSF, another achievement.

The number of journalists killed has been reduced to 46 cases by 2021 (as of December 1), but thanks to the partial end to the armed conflict in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen..

Thirty journalists were killed, seven of them in Mexico, The most dangerous country for the third year in a row, the country that recorded the highest number of murdered journalists in the last five years.

“In the absence of bold reforms by successive governments (…) triggered by almost complete impunity, the cycle of violence seems to have no end,” the statement said.

6 journalists killed in Afghanistan During the year of attacks and bombings. The Asian nation, torn apart by decades of violence, has recorded the same number of deaths as Mexico in the past five years, 47.

Except for the 488 journalists who were officially arrested 65 people were abducted.

A court in the former British colony on Wednesday ordered the dissolution of Apple Daily, a pro-democracy newspaper-owned company. Apple Daily closed this year after its assets were frozen under a national security law imposed by China to suppress disagreements in Hong Kong.

Compared to 2020, the number of imprisoned informants has increased by a third. It is noteworthy that the Chinese journalist Zhang Zhan is in a dangerous situation.

In Belarus, more than 15 (17) women (17) have been arrested this year, including Daria Sultsova and Katsarina Andreva, who were sentenced to two years in prison in a penal colony for broadcasting an unauthorized demonstration live on a television station.

  • As for the kidnappings, the Islamic State (EI) jihadi organization holds 28 journalists, 43% of the total world, despite the group being officially defeated in 2017. So far, the families of these reporters do not know if they are alive or dead. .
  • The RSF recalls that two Mexican informants, Jorge Molotz Sensei and Pablo Felipe Romero, went missing on March 10 and 25, respectively, in the US border state of Sonora.