March 25, 2023

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The ranking of top universities is in decline; Understand!

you Annual College and University Rankings They had a certain credibility, especially when they were carried by major newspapers like News World Report. Many families and students look at these annual rankings to find out which US university is the best to attend. However, recently, the strength of these University ranking, Increasingly declining, mainly due to large universities dropping out of the list.

Lost credibility

Recent scandals, falsification of data and bribery: these are some of the reasons why these rankings have lost credibility across the country. Check it out below:

The teacher blamed the college

A professor at Columbia, one of the most prestigious colleges in the United States, has been accused of falsifying data by major newspapers to earn a top spot in this ranking. This story happened last year, when the company dropped out of that year’s ranking and slipped to second and eighteenth place in the ranking for 2023.

This fact caught the attention of the community, which began to question the reliability and compatibility of the rankings. This was a recent shock to the assessment system, as it was based on data provided by teachers and a few students selected by universities.

Leaving Yale and Harvard

The shock was so great that two of the country’s biggest universities wanted out of the rankings, saying their reputations could no longer be associated with unreliable lists. They recently requested through official channels that the names of the companies should not be mentioned in these Rankings.

Bribery scandals

Despite recent events, there are old scandals related to ranking fraud. Earlier, it was highlighted in the newspapers that some universities were bribing journalists to raise the standards and give positive comments to the university to increase its popularity.

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As nothing was proven true, the case was closed, however, and the credibility of these rankings continued to decline to where we are today.

Internet effect

The advent of the Internet and the consequent decline in popularity of newspapers is another reason why rankings are not as highly regarded as they once were. Despite this, many universities still prefer to cooperate with these lists because for them they are free advertising and, like it or not, they still attract new students to campus.