June 29, 2022

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The pope must wear a helmet and bishops must condemn rapes in the forest; Watch the video – 06/20/2022

In a strong gesture, Pope Francis welcomed the bishops of the Amazon region for nearly two hours this Monday. On the agenda, the role of the Catholic Church and violence against indigenous and vulnerable people. The pope ended the meeting wearing a helmet sent by the people of the Amazon: “Imagine that I would show this (bra) to Sao Paulo?”, Evoking laughter.

Francisco received a report from SIMI (Indigenous Missionary Council) about the violence in the region, and according to religious people in the crowd, he was “deeply aware” of what was going on there.

At this morning’s meeting, 17 bishops came from the Amazon, especially from the states of Amazonas, Acre and Roraima.

In conversation with UOLDom Rogue Balocchi, Bishop of Porto Velho, explained that the Pope guided them to stand up for the indigenous people and always respect the local culture.

But the bishop noted that the meeting was a hopeful one. “He inspired our mission to live as pastors, not bureaucrats, do not lose this focus. And the courage, the need to be with poor people and, above all, to know how to respect church cultures, is the challenge of incarnation,” he said.

Dom Rock pointed out that the specific cases of Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira have not been resolved. But he said the pope was aware of the region’s difficulties and the need to change the way it handled biology.

Another message from the pope was that bishops should act “fearlessly” and condemn those who violate the rights of indigenous peoples, according to the official organization of the Holy See. Lucio Nicolட்டtto, Apostolic Executioner of Roraima, confirmed that “he encouraged bishops to act without fear in the face of the challenges that present the present moment, which requires the word of prophecy to proclaim the hope of the gospel of life, but condemn it.” Everything that violates the basic rights of the tribal people and takes care of the common home. “

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