February 8, 2023

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The police have registered a case against Rats for missing 600 kg of seized ganja

Indian police have told a court that more than half a tonne of seized cannabis has gone missing following a “rat infestation” at a police station. A police officer from Mathura in the state of Uttar Pradesh made the allegation after a judge asked him to explain the disappearance of the drugs.

According to local newspaper The Times of India, the ganja was seized in two separate cases and stored in two packages, one of 386 kg and the other of 195 kg, and the estimated value of the drug reached almost R$ 400,000. In total, 581 kg of marijuana went missing.

In a statement to the judge, the police counsel advised, “There is no place in the station to protect the stored goods from rats.” According to him, the remaining marijuana that was not consumed by the rodents was destroyed by the authorities, the newspaper reported.

The lawyer went further: “Because they are small, rats are not afraid of the police and the police cannot be considered experts in solving the problem,” he told the court.

With the justification provided, the magistrate asked the police to first “get rid of the contagion” and then provide proof that the rats had actually consumed half a ton of marijuana. Also, the officials have to submit the report by November 26.

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