March 21, 2023

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The PM’s party wins the Canadian election, but Trudeau cannot win a majority, the agency said The world

The Liberal Party of Canada, led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, is scheduled to remain in power but will remain in the minority government, according to local news channels on Tuesday (21). Trudeau’s liberals need the support of the opposition to rule again.

By predictions, the plan did not come exactly as expected. The Liberals are expected to get 155 seats. The Canadian House has 338 seats and needs 170 per party to get a majority. If neither party can win a majority in parliament, the winner must sign a minority government.

Early elections did not work

Trudeau, 49, called early elections two years ahead of schedule. He hoped he would gain more popularity due to epidemic management (Canada has higher vaccination rates) and the ballot box would give him a stronger mandate in parliament. In 2019, he won, but the elections left him with a minority government, and he had to negotiate support.

But after a very positive start and inspiring research, Trudeau faced a particularly complex campaign. The erosion of power was noticed and the “Trudeau Manza” of his first election in 2015 was far away.

He confronted angry opponents in health measures against the epidemic. On one occasion, someone threw stones at the Prime Minister.

Leading candidates voted Monday morning after a complicated 36-day campaign.

During the campaign, Trudeau’s return to power would be tantamount to a setback, especially in the climate crisis.

O’Toole promised Canadians that he was the embodiment of renewal and ran a solid central platform campaign.

“In the end, we can say that this is really a nonsense campaign,” said Felix Mathieu of Winnipeg University.

During the campaign, candidates clashed over issues such as climate change, indigenous harmony, affordable housing, compulsory vaccination against Govt-19 and health passes.

O’Toole, 48, has been criticized for supporting the rapid easing of health restrictions in Alberta and other conservative-led provinces, and now there are coveted bursts that force hospitals with a higher burden to send patients to other health facilities in Canada.

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