March 21, 2023

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The photo of the competition-winning ants makes you think about biology classes: Do you still remember what a reciprocal is? | Environment

Reciprocity: Relationships between individuals of two races, similar to commercial relations in human society.

The photo selected as the winner of the 2021 edition of the “Royal Society of Biology” competition shows the relationship between ants and aphid species.

Insects eat the “bee”, a substance that is excreted by aphids after processing the juice and removing the sugary droplets. In return, ants provide protection from predators. Here’s how the two animals formed a “mutual” relationship.

“There are so many magical things happening in nature around us – I was curious and attentive,” explained Viswanath Birje, a photographer in Thane, India.

Below, check out other hit films from this year’s “Interconnected” themed competition.

The forms in the picture are Bacillus subtilis grown on dextrose agar plate, a cultural medium used to isolate and identify fungi and yeasts – Photo: Alice Feng / Royal Society of Biology

Wasp and cockroach interaction: Wasp species inject a venom into the cockroach’s brain and “zombify” it. The wasp then uses the cockroach as a breeding ground for its eggs. – Photo: Ribbon Biswas / Royal Society of Biology

A Tokyo Gecko Preys on a Golden Wood Snake – Photo: Wei Fu / Royal Society of Biology

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