May 25, 2022

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The Paraguayan lawyer who was killed on the honeymoon was being investigated by the BCCI at three borders

Marcelo Becky, 45, a Paraguayan lawyer, is known for his fight against organized crime, drug trafficking and money laundering. Murder during the honeymoon In Colombia, the prosecutor on Tuesday (10) was a recognized authority in Paraguay because of his sharp performance in cases involving organized crime and the BCC Criminal Division. He was also involved in other cases, such as the arrest of former Brazilian player Ronaldinho Gaucho for carrying a false document.

Marcelo Becky, the target of the crime, was well protected in Paraguay. Ten days after their marriage, they spend their honeymoon on a private beach owned by a hotel on Barrow Island, Colombia. To avoid being noticed, he avoided informing Colombian authorities of his whereabouts. However, he was discovered by robbers, who arrived in a watercraft and shot the lawyer three times.

His wife, journalist Claudia Aguilera, announced that the baby would be born on the same day. The advertiser’s death was mourned by many officials in South America. Paraguayan President Mario Apto Benitez described the shooting as a “cowardly murder”.

Highlight the cases

Pecci was involved in investigations against the PCC and in 2017 led to Operation Judopia, which rocked the structure of the largest Brazilian criminal unit in Paraguay with the seizure of 500 kg of cocaine.

The prosecutor was also investigating a massacre that ended in the deaths of four people, including the one in Pedro Juan Caballero last year. Daughter of the governor From Amambai Province. Authorities were assessing whether the killing was due to a power struggle. The city, located on the border of Ponta PorĂ£ in Mato Grosso do Sul, has become a hub for a series of drug-related crimes.

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He also starred in the 2020 murder of Brazilian journalist Leonardo Veras in Ponta Bora.