March 21, 2023

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The old woman jumped from the parachute and died as the equipment malfunctioned

A 65-year-old woman has died after a ski diving equipment failed to work. Susan Sweetman is an experienced skydiver from New Jersey, USA. The victim’s body was recovered at Airglades Airport in Henry County on Saturday afternoon.

According to local skydiving company Skydive Spaceland, at the time of the incident, Susan was using her own equipment, which was in working condition. He is already experienced in the sport and has performed about 6,790 jumps.

In a statement sent to the American press People, The company regretted the situation. “On January 15, Skydive Spaceland Clewiston is saddened to announce that experienced skydiver Sue Sweetman, Hinesport, NJ, was involved in a fatal crash on her second skydiving.”

“After seven successful and random parachute jumps, there was a problem with her primary parachute. She dropped it too close to the ground. Her balance did not use the parachute. Weather was not a factor,” they added.

According to the United States Skydiving Association, by 2020 nearly 3 million jumps were performed at skydiving centers across the country. During this period, 11 deaths were recorded by the organization, generating a 0.39 death rate per 100,000 heels.

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