March 27, 2023

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The occasional given ship crosses the Suez Canal and sails again after 150 days

After 150 days on the Suez Canal in Egypt, the ship was seldom delivered He crossed the channel for the first time since provoking the incident in March, carrying cargo from the UK to China. This time, the container shipwreck took place without causing global problems and losses.

The SCA (Suez Canal Authority) said 26 more ships were sent from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea. Information from Reuters news agency.

He was always with us when crossing two tow boats and a team of experienced SCA pilots. This is the 22nd route of the ship via the Suez Canal. Watch below the video released by the channel officials.

After a week at the end of March, despite being unwell, Occasionally the final goal was reached only in JulyThree weeks ago, in Rotterdam Harbor, Holland. The port used the opportunity to make money on the days when the containers were unloaded from the ship, which was a tourist destination.: They charge US $ 13 (approximately 70 reais) for a 90-minute ride around the ship.

According to Weselfinder, a site for tracking ships, even given, has already passed Suez

Image: Reproduction / Site Vesselfinder

After Holland, on August 3 the giant ship sailed to the port of Felixstowe in England. Two days later, he began his journey to China. Ever Givan was in Malta last Sunday (15) before arriving in the Egyptian city of Port Said last night. Early this morning, he left for China.

The ship got stuck in the Suez Canal between March 23 and 29, causing 422 ships to congest on one of the planet’s major sea routes. Traffic on the road was normalized until July 7, five days after the seizure of the seized container in Egypt.

The release came after a compensation deal between the Suez Canal Authority and the Japanese owner of the ship, Shoi Kishen Kaisha..

Initially, the Egyptian government demanded $ 916 million in compensation, but later reduced the demand to $ 550 million. However the final amount has not been released.

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