December 9, 2022

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The Nobel Prize in Chemistry goes to the scientists who developed the tool for molecular construction

The Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences announced the winners this Wednesday (6) Nobel Prize 2021 In chemistry. The duo received Benjamin List and David WC Macmillan Award for “Development of Asymmetric Organocodylysis”, a tool that works in molecular construction.

Creating molecules is a difficult art. Benjamin List and David Macmillan receive the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2021: Organocatalysis for the development of a new precision tool for molecular construction. It has made a huge impact on pharmaceutical research and has greened chemistry, ”the academy said in announcing the winners.

The scientists who received the prize this morning will share the 10 million SEK prize, equivalent to the current price of about $ 6.3 million. German List, 53, is a researcher affiliated with the Max-Blanc Institute in Germany and Macmillan, 53, of the UK, works at Princeton University in the United States.

In addition to the cash prize, they will also receive a medal with a face Alfred Noble, Diploma and Document confirming the value of the prize. Nobel Prize medals are handicrafts from recycled 18 carat gold.

According to the Academy and the Nobel Committee that studied the development of the instrument, it is “unique and new”. This tool is used in researching new pharmaceutical products, in addition to greening chemistry.

According to Nobel laureates, organocatalysis has developed at an astonishing rate. “Researchers can now effectively create anything from new drugs to molecules that can capture light in solar cells.”

History of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Throughout the history of the Nobel, between 1901 and 2021, 113 chemical prizes were awarded. Of these, 25 prizes in this category were shared by two prize winners.

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To date, seven women have graduated in chemistry. Only scientist Frederick Sanger received the award twice, in 1958 and 1980.

The biggest award – of all that has been given so far – is to John B., who graduated with a degree in chemistry at the age of 97.

Other award recipients

The Nobel Prizes began on Monday (4) Both David Julius and Artem Padaputian were awarded medical degrees. They won the award for their discoveries about temperature and touch receptors.

On Tuesday, three scientists won the Nobel Prize in Physics. Oh Japanese Siugro Manabe, German Klaus Hasselmann and Italian Giorgio Parisi graduated in physics this year. “For Innovative Contributions to Understanding Complex Body Systems”.

The work of the three prize winners in physics helped to understand how climate change is affecting the planet.

See the Nobel Prize table

  • Medical: Monday (4)
  • Physics: Mars (5)
  • Chemistry: Wednesday (6)
  • Literature: Thursday (7)
  • Silence: Friday (8)
  • Economy: Monday (11)