December 9, 2022

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The newspaper reports that John McAfee had a suicide note in his band

John McAfee. (Photo: Getty Images Photo / Visual China Group via Getty Images)

  • American businessman John McAfee has died in his cell in Barcelona.

  • He is responsible for tax evasion offenses.

  • According to police sources, McAfee took his own life.

American entrepreneur John McAfee, famous for creating the McAfee virus and died in his cell in Barcelona last week, had a suicide note on his dress.

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However, the content of the ticket has not been released. The information came from the El Base newspaper citing several sources with access to this information.

The newspaper reports that McAfee died after being asked to spend isolated, unsupported time, as granted by Spanish law as a prison right.

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News of McAfee’s death came after a Spanish court ruled that he should return to the United States, where he was responsible for crimes against tax officials. If convicted, in his home country, he could face up to 30 years in prison. McCaffy is 75 years old.

McAfee, one of the pioneers of the American technology industry. His most famous invention is antivirus software, which is one of the most popular in the world. With this business, he became a millionaire.

However, by the end of his career, McAfee’s behavior had become erratic. He was even arrested at the airport for wearing masked female underwear. Finally, he was arrested by Spanish authorities for crimes related to the handling of the cryptocurrency market and tax evasion.

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For the past few months, he has had an updated Twitter account where he writes about his daily life in prison and is in good spirits. He went so far as to claim that the authorities believed he had hidden cryptocurrencies, which he denied: “I like it”.

His last message on Twitter was on June 18:

“In a democracy, power is given, not taken away, but it is still power,” he wrote. “Love, compassion, care are useless to him. But it incites greed, enmity, jealousy … all forces are corrupted. Be careful what forces you allow a democracy to use.”

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