January 30, 2023

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The missing YouTuber groom is also missing and authorities’ suspicions are mounting; Understand the case

New developments … Inquiries about the location of American YouTube Gabriel Petito, Who mysteriously disappeared after a van trip across the United States, Can be more complicated. According to Reuters this Friday (17), the woman’s fiance, Brian Laundry, 23, was also reported missing.

“The laundry family ‘s lawyer called FBI investigators Friday night to indicate that the family wants to talk about their son’s disappearance. The family says they have not seen Brian since Tuesday this week., Northern Port Police spokesman Josh Taylor said. This new chapter in history has caused even more riot among the people, which demands very efficient work from the authorities.

Brian Laundry has been singled out as one of the main suspects in the disappearance of Coffee Petito. The YouTuber couple traveled across the country in a van and recorded everything for their followers. Since the end of August, no one has had any information about the young woman’s whereabouts, and on September 1, her fianc returned home normally and gave no explanation for Gabriel’s absence. The girl’s parents recorded her disappearance on September 11. During these 10 days, the son-in-law did not contact them to say anything about their daughter.

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Authorities contacted the young man, but he said nothing relevant and declined the call to speak with investigators. “We understand the frustration of the community and we are frustrated. For six days, the Northern Port Police and the FBI family have been begging investigators to contact Brian’s fianc மனைவிe KP Petito. [os pais] Talked in detail with investigators “, Josh Taylor added in the statement.

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The disappearance of Brian and KP is shrouded in mystery. Photo: Breeding

Laundry’s attorney defended his client’s silence, saying anything he said to the police could then be used against him. “Regardless of whether my client has anything to do with Ms. Petito’s disappearance.”

Understand the case

Gabriel Petito and Brian Laundry left New York in June for a tour of the country’s major national parks. On August 19, the couple released a video of their trip on American roads. In the eight-minute blog, the two traveled through California, Utah and other states in their 2012 Ford Transit van.

On social networks, YouTube’s last post was made on August 25th. According to NBC News, KP’s last call to his mother, Nicole Schmidt, came on August 24, via FaceTime. “Except I don’t know where her relationship with her boyfriend is going, she looked good to me at the time.” Said Schmidt. The woman said she had received text messages from her daughter’s number until Aug. 30, but did not know if the messages were actually sent by a 22-year-old.

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On September 16, the case became even bigger. The Utah Police Department released a YouTube video recorded on August 12. In the footage recorded by the body camera of a policeman who responded to the travel couple’s request for help, Pedito shows a strange behavior. The call came after a domestic violence incident between the two a few days before the girl went missing. In the footage, the officer asks KP why he is crying. “Sorry we had a fight this morning. Some personal issues”, She replied. “It simply came to our notice then. We camped yesterday. “ Brian added.

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The North Port Police Department is currently investigating with the help of the FBI. Despite the suspicions, investigators have so far considered the story to be a missing person case rather than a criminal case. The couple thoroughly tested both the used van and Brian’s car. But more than Brian’s testimony, the authorities were unable to gather it. “We don’t know what Brian knows. That is the problem. We need to know where he was, where she was, and her latest locations. Josh Taylor said at a Sept. 15 press conference.