March 23, 2023

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The missing dog is found having fun at sea and is rescued

Three-year-old Golden Retriever Sunk, who went missing for more than two weeks, was rescued by two men who were walking on Barnett Bay in New Jersey, USA.

As the couple was walking in the morning, they saw Chung jump into the sea from a bridge. Rescuers noticed that the dog was unsupported, despite wearing an identification collar around his neck.

While Gold was having fun in the water, pedestrians acted quickly and alerted police who were near the scene. Agents believed the animal was in danger in the water and asked a fisherman on a nearby boat to help.

The dog, noticing the boat’s approach, was startled and swam quickly towards the shore, returning to dry land. The police, who were waiting for him there, were able to apprehend him before he fled again.

The owners of the club, Mary and Jim Jangara, thanked the posters circulating in the area with a “lost dog” warning.

Jim revealed that the dog was walking when everything happened. “He ran into the woods with the toy in his mouth. I called him, but he ran back. I think he must have been scared of someone, “he told ABC7.

“I can’t thank you enough for all the support,” Mary told the team that rescued him.

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