December 4, 2022

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The Mini Gente chain’s saloons are invading Americana this weekend

The armed man

The official said the guard was assaulted in the Combo Limbo section and his clothes were torn

By Paula Nagasaki

November 6, 2022 at 6:34 pm

Glass door damaged by intruders – Photo: Paula Nagasaki

Two salons of Mini Gente, a children’s buffet chain in Americana, were raided this weekend, days after the group. Announcing the closure of its operations, harming families.

According to one of the people in charge of the buffet, who did not want to be named, the seats may have been occupied by injured customers. According to the person, the security guard was attacked at the Campo Limbo section near the bus stand. The raid was carried out by two armed men on Saturday night (5).

The security guard tore off her clothes and forced the couple to remain silent as they removed items from the hall. Then both of them left.

This Sunday (6), another salon of the network located in Rua Dom Pedro II was occupied. According to a person interviewed by the report, neighbors saw the intruders jump over the railing, break the glass door, steal items, leave items near the exit, and return to take other items.

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Gamma (the US Municipal Police) was called by an anonymous tip around 1:50pm and at the scene, they found the glass broken and the door open, but no one was on the property. The guards closed the gate and registered the incident at the police station. Because they did not find anyone responsible, they could not confirm whether, in fact, there had been theft or damage.

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LIBERAL noticed that the glass door in the hall was broken. None of the neighbors wanted to speak to the complaint.

The person in charge of the network told LIBERAL this Sunday that this Monday (7), the lawyer representing the group will go to the Americana police station to file an incident about the invasions of the two salons. She was still not exactly sure which objects were taken and what value was subtracted from the two units.

Regarding refunds to affected customers, the man said he would lift the items to pay the amount, but said he was worried because, according to him, many items had already been stolen or broken by customers. In some cases, even by suppliers.

At least 300 families were injured. Americana and Piracicaba were closed without warning by the buffet. The result of the actions was announced last Wednesday on social networks, reaching the families of Santa Barbara d’Oste who have concluded contracts with a place that will open in December of this year in the municipality.

According to the SSP (Secretary of Public Security), so far, 47 police reports have been filed in Piracicaba and nine in Americana for violating the agreement. In a note, the folder said that all civilians are being investigated by the police but details will be protected to guarantee the autonomy of police work.