February 7, 2023

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The man won R$ 10 million in the lottery by betting the same number 6 times

It’s hard to win the lottery once. Being awarded six times seems an impossible task. But that’s what happened Raymond Roberts He says he followed his instincts and earned him a prize of US$ 1,950,000 (R$ 10,155,990).

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US$25,000 (R$130,000 at current exchange rate) per year for as long as he lives.

Raymond Roberts lives in Massachusetts, USA. In an interview with the state lottery website, he said that he has an instinct to bet on the same numbers 6 times. Lottery Good luck for life (Good luck for life). The draw was held on Dec. 14.

Raymond Roberts won six times with the same combination of tens.

And he explained that he is also acting like that Dozens In the lottery for more than two decades. Finally, the numbers bet are a combination of relatives’ birthdays.


The top five prizes earned US$ 390,000 (R$ 2 million), which he wanted to receive with a one-time discount. As for the sixth prize, the lucky winner wanted to receive it in installments, ie US$ 25,000 per year for the rest of his life (or 20 years).

Finally, Raymond revealed that the first purchase with the prize was a new motorcycle. He is very lucky.

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