March 21, 2023

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The man jumps into the crocodile river and is arrested to escape the traffic jam

A man who jumped into a river full of crocodiles to escape a traffic jam and endangered his life was arrested Friday (9) in Lapayette, Louisiana.

Jimmy Jennings Butt was traveling in a truck in the La Rosa region when he lost his temper and jumped off a bridge over the Atchabalaya River, famous for the number of crocodiles that live in it.

It was part of a Jennings joke, but the ending of the story could have been more tragic. In the released video Facebook, The young man appears to have jumped over the wall with a drop to a height of 30 meters.

On KADC-TV, Jennings says he suffered a shoulder injury when he fell into the river, was struck by an electric current and could no longer swim.

“When I hit the water, my shoulder hurt and I started to swim and I couldn’t get back into the truck because the current was so strong,” he says. “I spent two or three hours in the water and thought I was going to die, but God saved me,” he says.

The American saved himself only when he reached an island and walked a long distance to a house, where he asked for help. On the boat, the young man was taken to the bridge from where he had jumped and was greeted by undesirable police officers.

“I was walking, and the police showed me their guns and told me to put my hands up. I said I could not because of the injury on my shoulders, so they went me to the ground and handcuffed me,” he explains.

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Jennings was arrested for criminal misconduct, but was later released.