May 27, 2022

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The man died after strangling his girlfriend and burying her in his backyard

A man accused of strangling his girlfriend has died of a heart attack while burying her in his backyard. The episode took place in Trenton, South Carolina (USA).

The Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office says Joseph McKinnon, 60, is suspected of killing Patricia Dent, 65, inside her home Saturday. At the call of the neighbors, the police found him lying unconscious in the backyard.

When they arrived, they found McKinnon’s body. Medical teams were called to the scene and tried to resuscitate him, but he was already without major symptoms, the New York Post reported.

During the investigation, sheriff Jodi Roland said in a statement that authorities found a second body with signs of it being dug into a grave. After examining it, experts confirmed that it came from Patricia Dent, who lived with McKinnon.

Investigators believe the culprit assaulted Patricia inside the home. An autopsy confirmed he had been strangled to death. The cause of McKinnon’s death was determined to be a heart attack.

“Mr McKinnon then tied her up and wrapped her in trash bags before placing her in the excavated grave,” Sheriff Roland said.

Dent had to work at a golf course the day he died, but he did not come. She did not respond to calls from friends and family or to text messages.

“I was shocked. I did not expect this,” said Pamela Briggs, Patricia Tent’s twin sister, in an interview with American broadcaster WDBJ. “Everyone who knew her loved her. She’s always been a very energetic person, especially since she’s still working at 65.”

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