March 21, 2023

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The journalist who slapped the politician during the show

During a live broadcast of Savik Schuster’s ‘Freedom of Expression’ program last Friday, the 18th, the pro-Russian Ukrainian Vice President from the Opposition’s Life Party, Nestor Schufrich And journalist Yuri Budusov The rooms were exchanged. This is one of the most popular political projects in Ukraine.

The attack comes after Schufrich refused to condemn Vladimir Putin when asked if he could be considered a “murderer and criminal”. The politician objected: “Let the Ukrainian authorities deal with it,” he said, adding that he would not call Putin a “killer” because one day he would “negotiate with him.”

Seconds before Deputy Nestor Schufrich Yuri Budushov was slapped

Photo: Reproduction / Youtube / Estado

Former President Poroshenko joked about the response, saying, “There is a Russian agent here in the studio.” Then, Yuri Budushov stood up, slapped him in the face and knocked him out of the chair.

Despite other failed attempts by separatist guests, such as former Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, former President Petro Poroshenko and former Security Council chairman Oleksandr Daniluk, the fighting continued for some time.

Both were eventually kicked out of the studio and returned shortly after with facial injuries. On the way back, Schufrich insulted the journalist. “At this difficult time, our people, all the people who are defending our country, are forced to listen to the shameful speeches of traitors,” Yuri said.

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