March 27, 2023

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The island in the north of the world was discovered by a scientific expedition in the Arctic

A team of researchers and scientists from the University of Copenhagen (Denmark) made a trip to the north of Greenland in July and accidentally discovered a small island. To the north of the earth.

First, the invention extends the borders of Greenland, an autonomous region of the Kingdom of Denmark.

Newly discovered island in the Arctic (credit: Morton Rash)

“Discovering a new island is not our goal,” he admitted to the agency Reuters Morton Rash, director of the Arctic Research Station. The polar explorer explained that the purpose of the trip was to collect samples of what they thought was an island in the north of the world: Odak. However, changes in the ice revealed that they were not only 780 meters north of the island they were surveying, but also in autonomous land.

The new, as yet untitled island is just 30 to 60 meters wide and is basically made up of small gravel and sediments (thin rock fragments) pushed out of the sea by a big storm. . With a relief that varies from three to four meters above sea level, Rashle considers island formation to be a “short-lived island”.

Far north

In a press release issued by the University of Copenhagen, Morton Rash, a professor of geology and natural resource management, explains that it is all right to be on the northern island of Otak. But when he posted photos and integrations of the island on social media, he said, “A lot of American island hunters were nervous and that could not be true.”

உமனக்Landscape in the Arctic Ocean Bay (credit: Tetiana Totchenko / Shutterstock)

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These “island hunters” are often sought after by amateur adventurers Still unknown island systems, Became very active on social media, and Rash and his team decided to turn to an expert from the Danish University of Technology (DTU). While waiting for the DD, they noticed that the GPS was faulty and that they were already too far away from Odak. “We’ve expanded the empire a bit,” Rash joked.

Now, researchers are pressuring authorities to call the discovered island “Quakerdak Avonnerlek”, meaning “Northern Island” in Greenland. Until she disappears in the next storm.