July 2, 2022

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The IIF says China has been enjoying unprecedented capital inflows since the war

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine a month ago, China has seen “unprecedented” capital inflows, according to the International Monetary Fund (IIF)’s high-frequency daily monitoring.

In a statement released this Thursday, the company explains that it is still too early to decide whether the movement is due to war or other factors at work, but the exit dimension is large enough to at least raise. This conflict will lead investors to see the Chinese market from a “new perspective”.

The IIF demonstrates that, unlike Beijing, other emerging markets had very steady currents of unprecedented resistance.

The company believes that capital inflows to China have increased in recent years and have escaped the extreme fluctuations found in other countries, which could reduce the intensity of the latest aircraft.

However, according to the analysis, one of the reasons for the stability of Chinese flows over the past year is the low exposure of investors to the country. “It is this low exposure that makes the current outflow of capital significant. Foreign investors are at a low ebb, so why are they selling Chinese assets?” He asks.

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