March 23, 2023

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The highway has been closed by cash in the US after the car’s strong door opened; Watch Video | The world

A highway was covered with money United States On Friday (19) the door of the strong car opened and bags of dollar bills spread across the road (Watch the video above).

The “cash rain” happened San Diego, On California, On Interstate 5 – a major West Coast Highway that connects the Mexican border to Canada and connects Los Angeles with Seattle.

Pictures posted on social media show it The highway was completely blocked in both directions and many people parked their cars to pick up dollar bills from the ground..

You can see in the pictures some people running happily with cash in hand and others throwing bills in the air.

At least two people were arrested by police, according to local television footage.

After the door of a strong car opens, money is being paid on the highway in the United States, and people are stopping cars on the road to pick up dollar bills – Photo: Montage G1 / Dictok Breeding

Officials are asking for a refund

California Highway Patrol (CHP) told local media that the door of the armored vehicle was opened and money bags fell and opened on the highway.

“We are now working with the FBI,” a police spokesman told News 8, a local news agency. “If you have taken any money, I recommend transferring it to the CHP office immediately as we have a lot of evidence.”

Searched by local media, the San Diego FBI said it was working closely with highway police and advised people to “return all money to the CHP.”

A CHP police officer told the “San Diego Union-Tribune” newspaper Anyone who took the money could “face charges”. “If a bunch of TVs fall down from a truck on the highway, you can’t pick up the TVs”.

Police have released pictures of the suspects

After the door of a strong car opens, the highway is covered with money in the United States, people park their cars on the road to pick up dollar bills – Photo: Montage G1 / Dictoc breeding

The highway patrol officer told the newspaper that “about a dozen people” had already returned the stolen money: “People are bringing a lot [dinheiro]. People took a lot of money. ”

Police did not say how much money fell or was taken from the armored car, and the company responsible for transportation declined to comment. In a statement issued that evening, the CHP thanked those who had already returned the money and warned others:

“Several photos and videos were posted on social media and faces and license plates were seized at the scene. CHP is working with the FBI to identify those involved in the theft,” the California Highway Patrol said.

CHP released 16 photo and video frames showing some people taking money on the highway He added that “they are encouraged to hand over the money within 48 hours to avoid possible criminal charges.”

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