March 30, 2023

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The headset stopped the wrong bullet and saved the young man’s life

Torrance, a video game player California, To usHe said he was apparently rescued by a headset after a shooting Wrong bullet.

In a post on social networking site Reddit, the young man, identified only by his nickname Enough_Dance_956, posted a photo of his Razer Kraken headset. With the obvious sign of a gunshot wound.

Save a little

According to his statement, the case took place on Wednesday (30/3). After piercing the bedroom window and jumping off a wall, the bullet struck the young man in the ear. He was not injured.

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“I try to approach them wholeheartedly to thank someone at Razor. At 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, a false bullet went through my window and hit the razor headphones above my head, ”he wrote.

“If it weren’t for the good quality headphones I would have been a dead kid at 18 years old. I can not imagine the pain my family and friends endured. “ The young man, who said he later found the projectile in his bed, handed it over to police.

Is it a lie?

The Reddit post happened on April Fools’ Day, This made many users look at the release with suspicion. Some also accused him of filming to buy a new headset.

Enough_Dance_956 Responded in a second MailWith photos showing the bullet hole in the window, the hole in the wall and the bullet in the bed after hitting the accessory.

Racer founder and CEO Min Liang-dan also wrote in the book: “Wow this is crazy. Glad you’re well! “