June 30, 2022

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The head of the Atomic Energy Agency says the amount of radiation at Chernobyl is ‘extraordinary’ The world

The amount of radiation at the atomic station ChernobylAt UkraineDirector General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Rafael Croce said on Tuesday (26) during a visit to the plant that it was “unusual” and had risen since Russian troops occupied the area.

“In terms of the amount of radiation, I would say it’s unusual. The movement of the heavy equipment that the Russian forces brought here and when they left, the levels rose. We monitor it every day,” Crozi said.

The Director-General condemned the occupation of the plant by Russian forces for several weeks as “very, very dangerous.”

“The situation is completely extraordinary and very dangerous,” the head of the UN body told reporters during his visit. ChernobylExactly 36 years after the worst nuclear disaster in history.

An expert panel is on site with Croce to provide “vital equipment” such as dosimeters and protective clothing and to carry out “radiation and other controls”.

These experts are expected to “fix remote monitoring systems that stopped sending data to IAEA headquarters” in Vienna, Austria, shortly after the war began.

Since then, the situation has gradually returned to normal, according to the IAEA Daily Report, based on information from the Ukrainian Atomic Energy Agency.

Rafael Crozi had already traveled Ukraine The foundation for the technical assistance agreement will be laid by the end of March. On that occasion, he went to the Yushno-Ukrainsk power plant in the south, before meeting with Russian officials in Kaliningrad on the Baltic coast.

The Ukraine There are 15 reactors in four operating plants Chernobyl.

What is Chernobyl and why is the city important

A furnace Chernobyl The eruption in 1986 polluted much of Europe, but in particular UkraineRussia and Belarus.

The area within the 30-kilometer radius around the plant, known as the exclusion zone, is still highly polluted and the establishment of residences in the area is prohibited.

At the moment, Russian forces control the largest Zaporizhia nuclear power plant. In late February, the latter was hit by artillery fire, which burned nearby buildings and raised fears of disaster.

“Russia’s illegal and unjust occupation Ukraine Energy is once again affecting the security of our continent, “said Joseph Borrell, EU diplomat and European Energy Commissioner.

Two European officials have accused Russian forces of “irresponsibly damaging damaged nuclear power plants.”

According to Borel and Simpson, “Interruption of normal operations, including employee rotation, affects the safe operation of nuclear power plants. Ukraine It also significantly increases the risk of accidents. ”