December 9, 2022

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The Govt-19 epidemic is still a long way off, the WHO director warned

Speaking about the eruption of new cases caused by the Omigron variant, Tetros Adonom Capreius warned of the possibility of new strains appearing.

Gives RFIThe Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tetros Adanom Caprais, is concerned about the optimistic predictions about the outbreak of the epidemic in recent days. Speaking of the burning increase in new cases caused by the Omigron variant, the expert warned of the possibility of new strains appearing.

“Omigron continues to spread across the planet. Make no mistake, Omigron causes hospital admissions and deaths, and even less serious cases are drowning health facilities,” Tetros Adonom Caprais told a news conference at WHO headquarters in Geneva.

Therefore, the Director General of the organization urges the authorities to be careful when making confident predictions about the disease. “The epidemic is still far away, and in view of the incredible growth of omigran in the world, new variants will appear,” he reiterated.

The United Kingdom recently announced that epidemics have reached a peak and hospital admissions are declining. France, on the other hand, expects the epidemic to reach its peak in a few days. However, these data should be relevant, Caprais said.

“In some countries, cases of Govt-19 seem to have reached a climax, which raises hopes that the worst of this wave is over, but no country has yet emerged from Omigran,” he recalled.

After the burning wave of diversity in Europe, Latin America is Omicron’s new target. Argentina has the highest number of cases in the region: Between January 8 and 15, there were 2,481 cases per million people in the country. Overall, 63% of daily tests in the country are positive, which is the highest positive rate for Kovit-19 in the world.

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Endemic disease?

In Europe, many officials are talking about the possibility of the spread of Govt-19 like the flu. This is the case of Marco Cavalieri, head of the European Health Agency’s vaccination strategy, who said on January 11 that learning to live with the disease was essential. “By increasing immunity with population and micronutrients, the natural immunity beyond the vaccine will be greater. We will quickly move to a situation that is closer to the local disease,” he declared.

Swiss Health Minister Alain Berset recently said the Omigron variant could be the “beginning of the end” of the epidemic. Spain wants to manage this new phase of the health crisis, such as the seasonal flu epidemic, and protect the most vulnerable population. For this reason, the Spanish Minister of Health, Carolina Tarias, called on European leaders to modify the infection registration system and look for “new frontiers”.

The Director-General of the WHO hopes that this will happen soon enough for such predictions. “Omigran may be less than average, but it is misleading to talk of a harmless variant, undermining the global response and losing lives,” he said.

Caprais also expressed concern about the low immunization rates against Govt-19 in many countries. “People are at risk of developing or dying from a serious illness if they are not vaccinated,” he stressed.

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