March 21, 2023

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The funeral procession separates the comments with the slogan ‘Do not vaccinate’

Residents of Charlotte, North Carolina (USA) were surprised to find a truck from a funeral procession circulating in the streets of a North American city on Sunday (19), which was classified by many as bad taste. The back and side of the trunk said, “Do not vaccinate.”

These photos attracted attention on social networks and comments were divided because one comedy content was so badly liked by others.

One reason for the uprising is that more than 670,000 people in the United States died due to Govt-19, which puts the country at the top of the list of countries. Others said it was disrespectful “because you make fun of people who die Corona virus“.

Controversial though it may be, the purpose of the advertisement, signed by Wilmore, is not to discourage people from refusing available vaccines. On the contrary.

In a quick internet search, the users’ website, a private health center, aims to raise awareness about the importance of the vaccine. When accessing the page, on a black background, the audience was still confronted with the message: “Get vaccinated now. Otherwise, we’ll meet soon”.

In addition, by clicking a button on the website, users were sent to another environment with information about three vaccines approved in the United States for Covit-19. An excerpt from the website states that “the vaccine is approved by the government only after it has been proven to be safe and effective.”

In clinical trials, Pfizer and Moderna vaccines showed more than 94% and Johnson & Johnson over 66%.