April 1, 2023

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The father finds his son abducted as a child 24 years later

A Chinese man finds his son after a 24-year search and 500,000 km journey on a motorcycle across the country.

Guo Kangdong’s son was abducted by human traffickers when he was two years old outside his home in eastern China’s Shandong Province.

The story of her son’s disappearance inspired a 2015 film starring popular Hong Kong actor, singer and producer Andy Law.

Child trafficking is a major problem in China, with thousands of victims each year.

According to China’s Ministry of Public Security, DNA tests have revealed the identity of Kuno’s son. Two suspects in the abduction were later found and arrested, the Chinese newspaper Global Times reported.

The suspects, who were dating at the time, planned to kidnap a child to sell for money, a Chinese news report said.

After seeing Guo’s son playing alone outside his home, the suspect – whose only surname was identified as Tang – grabbed him and took him to the bus stop, where his partner Hu was waiting.

The couple then took an intercity bus to the neighboring province of Henan and sold it there.

According to local media reports, Guo’s son is still living in the province. Today, he is 26 years old.

In China, child abduction has been an issue for decades. In the photo, Sichuan, a nurse takes care of a baby rescued in 2012

Photo: Getty Images / BBC News Brazil

Touring the country by motorcycle

“Now that my son has been found, I have regained my joy,” Guo told reporters.

Since his son was abducted in 1997, Guo has reportedly traveled on motorcycle tracks to more than 20 provinces across the country.

In the process, he was involved in traffic accidents and even ran into highway robbers. Ten motorcycles were damaged.

Carrying banners with a photo of his son, he said he spent the saving of his life during his mission, sleeping under bridges and asking for signatures when running without money.

While searching for his son, he became a key member of missing persons organizations in China and helped reunite at least seven parents with abducted children.

When news came that Guo had a son, Chinese social media was flooded with pro-father news.

“Many parents have given up a long time ago. He’s amazing. I’m so happy for him,” wrote one on Weibo Microblogging.

In China, child trafficking has been an issue for decades.

Estimates for 2015 show that 20,000 children are abducted in China each year. Many of them are sold for adoption both domestically and abroad.

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