March 27, 2023

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The erotic figure was discovered in an 800-year-old church in England; Look

The detail of the sculpture carved from the 800-year-old church in Herford, England, attracted a regular attention and sparked debate on the Internet. The picture shows a man with his legs up and in an erotic position. It is located in the Church of All Saints and was discovered due to the construction of a cafe, according to the Unilever website.

According to the publication, the image was found glowing due to strong lights located on an additional site in the company next to the church.

The sculpture shows a naked man raising his legs and exposing his genitals.

The user of an online forum considers it a carpenter’s “revenge” for not receiving the carpenter’s money at the time.

“Hundreds of churches can hire skilled masons and not pay enough. As the ‘church’ is a company, it is often impossible for workers to get their due,” he wrote.

As stated in it According to the Herfort Times, similar sculptures are well documented in churches across Europe, with images of naked women prevailing.

“These sculptures are believed to be aimed at expelling death, evil and demons,” the site says.

The cafe that illuminated the film was built in 1990. According to the Mirror, the carving was already viewed by others and nicknamed “Seamus O’Toole”.

At the time, the newspaper reported that there were plans to monetize the invention by creating postcards, but that idea was scrapped by the council for “pushing too many decent limits”.