June 28, 2022

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The elephant that killed the 70-year-old grandmother returned to the funeral home to trample her

Posted on 06/15/2022 18:08

(Credit: Michele Spatari / AFP)

Maya Murmu, a 70-year-old woman, was killed by an elephant in eastern India. The incident took place on Thursday (09/6), after the tragedy, the animal had trampled on the body of the old woman and returned to the funeral.

According to officials, Maya was trampled to death while collecting water from the well, in the Mayurbhanj district region, where the animal would have appeared out of nowhere. The victim was taken to hospital, but his injuries did not escape.

According to the British newspaper IndependentLocal police said the elephant strayed from the Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary, about 200 kilometers from Mayurbhanj.

In the family news, in the middle of the funeral procession, the same elephant appeared, lifted the grandmother’s body from the funeral and trampled it again, to the shock of those present. The family was able to hold the ceremony only after the elephant was gone.

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