December 9, 2022

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The drone records the moment the shark approaches the browser

The drones recorded the moment a giant white shark approached surfers and swimmers off the coast of Del Mar, California. This video was posted on social media by photographer Scott Farsild.

In the pictures, the shark can be seen approaching a surfer and a boy, who appears to be quiet. The animal is bigger than the board. In an interview with Fox News, Forsild described the meeting as “surprising.”

Farsild recounts the encounter: “I have not seen the boy yet. Very quietly, the father calls him and says, ‘Hey, look at this.’ He begins to wipe closer, and the boy does not react.

Although he does not know them, Farsild says It was like the “best father-son moment” for them.

According to the photographer, the number of shark sightings in the area is increasing. In September, he says he filmed two other sharks on the beach.

He tells Fox News that seeing 13 large white sharks at the same time was one of the most interesting encounters.

I have been diving with sharks all my life. It’s scary, isn’t it? You have to respect any animals, but they are not a problem. We are not on their menu.
Photographer Scott In an interview with Fox Child Fox News

He says he hopes these posts will help viewers understand the importance of sharks. “The videos are scary if you watch one, but they live right there,” Farsild said. “They don’t look for us. They swim very close to you. Mistakes happen, but they usually are not a problem.”

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