February 8, 2023

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The dog was found inside the backpack at the airport X-ray machine

Transportation security officials in Wisconsin, USA, were surprised to find a dog inside a passenger’s bag through an airport’s X-ray machine.

“A dog accidentally went through x-rays,” tweeted the TSA Great Lakes Transportation Authority, which happened this week at the Dane County Regional Airport in Madison.

ABC affiliate WISN in Milwaukee said the owner forgot to notify authorities about the animal in her purse. However, the tweet did not mention whether he was deliberately trying to smuggle the puppy or simply forgot the animal in his luggage.

The case has sparked controversy on social media. “Poor dog,” one Twitter user commented, while another fumed: “That dog owner should be arrested for treating her fur baby so cruelly.”

Another person also accused the owner of trying to avoid tax on the pet. “Carrying a pet in a sealed bag is inhumane and the airline is not authorized to carry a pet.” He added: “She may have been trying to avoid paying the fees required to transport the pets. She was sick.”

Amid the controversy, the TSA reminded travelers with pets to “notify the airline and inquire about the rules.” In addition, the company released a video instructing pet owners on how to properly travel with their pets.

At the checkpoint, remove the pet from the suitcase and send all items, including the empty transport box, to the machine for tracking,” travel officials explained. The animal’s condition after the bust was not reported.

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