March 27, 2023

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The doctor who sold the ‘cow kit’ with chloroquine has pleaded guilty in the United States

American doctor Jennings Ryan Staley pleaded guilty in a case filed last Friday (16) U.S. Department of Justice. The health expert has been accused of smuggling hydroxy chloroquine to the market in the ‘Govit-19 kit’.

According to the allegation, the doctor tried to export 11.7 kg of powdered medicine from a Chinese supplier. The product will be delivered in barrels with the label “Yam Juice”. Staley admitted that he intended to sell hydroxy chloroquine powder in capsules as part of the “Covit-19 Kit”.

These tools were sold to his clients on the skinny beach as “one hundred percent” treatment, “magic bullet”, “amazing weapon” and “very good to be true”. He added that the products will provide immunity for at least six weeks.

As a physician, Staley further admitted that he abused the state of public trust. According to inquiries, each kit sold for about 000 4,000.

The doctor lied to the FBI

According to the doctor’s confession, he deliberately obstructed and tried to prevent a federal investigation into his behavior by lying to federal agents. During interrogation, he denied that his treatment packages were “one hundred percent effective treatment” and that “it was funny”.

The doctor also said that he did not send the instruments without getting all the information about each family member. However, a week before the trial, he sold a kit to an agent without collecting any medical information.

“As health professionals around the world have unselfishly worked in the forefront of an international epidemic, this doctor has taken advantage of the fears of COVID-19 to establish his credibility,” said Acting Attorney General Randy Grossman. “We have a responsibility to protect the American people from such conspiracies and to hold the Coopers accountable.”

“Dr. Staley provided a ‘magic bullet’ – a treatment that guarantees Covit-19 to people who are terrified of epidemics worldwide, ”said FBI Special Agent Susan Turner. “Today, Dr. Staley acknowledged that this was a lie as part of a rapid cash fraud. The FBI will continue to pursue physicians who abuse their profession in order to defraud innocent victims of tricks of false beliefs and promises.”

Staley’s next court appearance is on October 8, 2021, before U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel. If convicted, the doctor could face up to 20 years in prison.

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