December 4, 2022

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The doctor is restless! Now the children decided to smoke cotton buds – this is good!

After e-cigarettes and hookahs, the Tic Tac Challenge asks kids to inhale cotton and plastic.

The match is lit on a cotton cloth containing the essence. (Photo: Paul Francis)

It looks like the most ridiculous scene ever seen. But teenagers from the Tik Tok era can’t stop finding ways to take risks, and now they’re smoking cotton candy.

Back in the nineteen hundreds, when I was a teenager, most kids would just roll up the bond paper and look like moviegoers. But the creativity of teenage evil already had many ways of destroying the lungs and moving again.

A current warning from pulmonologists is that children and adolescents have turned cotton into cigarettes. They put some essence on one end of cotton, light it and breathe for seconds. It may seem harmless, but there is a disease that compromises Health Many rural workers, precisely, for their work in the cotton plantations.

Pycnosis is a narrowing of the airways caused by aspiration of cotton particles. These fibers do not break down and are not excreted quickly.

But the smoke is still toxic because it comes from contact with plastic, which also burns. “It burns and inhaling toxic substances is very bad for the lungs”, reinforces pulmonologist Nayara Silveira.

with passing Time, worsening chest pressure with shortness of breath, wheezing and decreased lung capacity. In severe cases, there is fever, joint and muscle pain.

For those with pre-existing conditions such as asthma, complications can be even worse, including cardiorespiratory arrest.

Seemingly innocuous, it can be dangerous to the lungs when inhaled.  (Photo by Paulo Francis)
Seemingly innocuous, it can be dangerous to the lungs when inhaled. (Photo by Paulo Francis)

Expert guidance for parents. “Usually, when a child inhales something toxic, the symptoms start with persistent coughing, wheezing and fatigue for no apparent reason,” says Nayara.

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As this innovation reappears on the scene, he says, “There is no peace for pulmonologists” and he remembers electronic cigarettes, which can lead to evali, a disease discovered after many young people come to offices to use the devices.

This is an abbreviation for lung injury associated with the use of products known as vaping. The disease is a device-related lung injury first described in the United States in 2019.

“Parents need to know what their children are consuming on social media. There are some challenges that reach the absurdity of encouraging children to inhale deodorant”, reinforces the pulmonologist.