June 29, 2022

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The death threats came to U.S. police after the arrest of white supremacists; Watch the arrest video | The world

Idaho State Police, in United StatesThe death threats came after the arrest of 31 white supremacists who were preparing to riot at the LGBTQIA + Pride event over the weekend, a police chief said Monday.

On Saturday, police in the city of Coeur d’Alene received a call from a local who saw him boarding a truck as a group in a hotel parking lot.

U.S. police arrest white supremacists for plotting

City police chief Lee White told reporters that “it looks like a small army is being loaded into a vehicle,” a local who called police said.

Photos of men trapped inside a truck in Coeur d’Alene on June 11, 2022 – Photo: Coutinho District Police Station / Guide / via Reuters

About 10 minutes after the call, police stopped the truck and found clothes and riot gear, a smoke bomb, shin guards and an “action plan” that made it very clear the motive for starting the riot, White said.

All the men have been charged with conspiracy to commit riot and will face further charges in the future. “They came to the riot city,” White said.

Police believe they are linked to the neo-fascist group “Front Patriota”.

White told a news conference that half of the 150 calls to his department since his arrest were anonymous and that those who wanted to yell at officers and make death threats against him and other police officers.

White said he had received calls from hate groups outside Coeur d’Alene, including a person who had been invited from Norway to comment.

According to the police chief, the detainees were from 11 states and representatives of the Patriotic Front had not previously been found in the area.

Spokeswoman Sandra Parker said the FBI is providing assistance to local authorities. “If information about a possible violation of federal law becomes available during the investigation, US federal law enforcement is ready for investigation.”

Violence in the United States increases the risk of attacks by extremist groups

Violence in the United States increases the risk of attacks by extremist groups

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