May 27, 2022

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The death of an elderly woman in Ukraine reflects the impact of war on everyday life – 03/10/2022 – World

A woman died in Hoholi and she was lying on the side of the house. It was the only poor house in the small town, 43 km from Kiev, which had been attacked by Russian troops.

She wears several dresses, at least two blouses and a pair of wool pants. Covered with a cheap but thick jacket made of red nylon fabric and fox wool.

Shortly before she died, she was chopping wood. The many slender branches around its shrunken body indicate that. A small ax, lying on the ground, strengthens the possibility, as if dropped in a hurry.

The position of the body, being behind the tool and the wood, indicates that the woman tried to move quickly, but did not have time to find a safe place. In the last seconds of her life, she may have realized that something was going wrong: for example, a strong explosion nearby. Motor and missiles Are published in order, in a monolithic way. They can come in pairs and tens and hundreds at once, never in units.

No blood. Around, many holes and tears caused by pieces of burning iron: on the wall of the house, partially on the crumbling wall, pieces of tin scattered in the yard and, most likely, on some parts of her body.

The old woman may have tried to get up, which pushed her body against the wall with her stiff right hand.

Of course she felt cold. Not only because of the clothes he wore, but also because of the weakness of the house (thin windows and old doors). A few hours after he died, the thermometer was at -1 ° C, -3 C. Perhaps he lived alone with animals. The body lay there for hours without anyone bothering to bury or at least remove it.

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While the report was on Holloway, a neighbor who had crossed the street said it was a tragedy, but did not approach the body – unlike the four cats, white and black, some white, others black. The animals were close to her, and only went out when strange persons were carrying cameras.

Hoholive E95 is on the side of the road that connects Kiev with Belarus, where armored and artillery companies departed.

Until Wednesday afternoon (9) and early Thursday (10) morning, armored vehicles advancing on the road were stopped by Ukrainians. More than 30 Russian tanks were surprised by the airstrikes using drones.

In the videos shared by the Ukrainian government, you can see Russian soldiers running frantically to their tanks. Some died, and many fled in a large line of armored vehicles.

Some vehicles in good condition, such as the MT-LB used to carry infantry, were abandoned by the Russians. Due to ignition problems, it lags behind with many hygiene and personal items – bags, jackets and military hats. A few hours later, a Ukrainian military mechanic worked on the tank and took it to his troops as a kind of trophy.

The Russian retaliation came in the form of roughly launched missiles and mortars. One of them may have been the cause of death of the woman described at the beginning of this text.

This conflict severely affected other peoples, people who lived normally until the Russian invasion. Like farmer Igor, 32, two weeks ago joined one of the armed civilian fighters created to fight the Russian occupation.

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During the previous day’s fight, he had been shot in the right arm and had to be amputated. Igor was in the Provari hospital for treatment.

At the same hospital, Katya, 14, was hit in the arm by a grenade. Said Vladimir, the surgeon in charge Sheet Unlike what happened to Igor, he hopes to protect Katia’s hand.

Nearly 2 million people have already fled the Ukrainian capital, he said. Kiev Mayor Vitaly Klitschko, As Russian forces advanced on the city from Proverbial and elsewhere in the region. “One in two Kiev residents has fled the city,” the former boxing politician told Ukrainian television on Thursday.

The streets of Kiev are often emptyOh. There are constant siren warnings, announcing the possibility of air strikes, and a Many blocksPrevents cars and people from accessing many parts of the capital.

Shops, cafes, restaurants and public buildings have been closed and transport services such as subways have been disrupted. But there are still a lot of men in the city. Many of them did not touch the weapons – Like farmer Igor, he had his arm amputated. These men have been banned from leaving the country and will soon have to face the Russian army whether they like it or not.