June 29, 2022

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The cubs perform a series of list moves

The cubs perform a series of list moves

The Cubs made a flurry of list moves today. for every Megan Montemoro from the Chicago Tribunethe club chooses the right hand Adrian Sampson to Triple-A Iowa Frank Schwindle From Triple-A Iowa, choose left hand Connor Minis In the main league list, put the right hand David Robertson on IL without distinguishing infection – generally a sign that transmission is COVID related. Assuming Robertson’s assignment at IL is indeed COVID-related, the Cubs were not required to add Menez to the 40-player roster to add to the active roster, despite Montemoro clarified later The club added him to 40 men.

Sampson’s score downgraded and Schwindle’s return to the corporate brand Something of a sudden turn For the Cubs, who chose to hold Sampson (to replace him Marcus Strowman, who also went to IL without injury mapping) and the Schwindel option to Triple-A just yesterday. Sampson made the pitch in his only game for the big-league club, covering the ninth inning of a blowout loss to the Dodgers, while Schwendel didn’t enter a game during his (extremely) short stint at the Palace. Both players had success for the Cubs in 2021: Sampson, who also played for the KBO’s Mariners, Rangers and Lotte Giants in his career, scored 2.80 ERAs over 35 1/3 rounds for Chicago (albeit with a 5.72 FIP), and Schwindel’s world batting record .342/.389/.613 via 239 plate appearances (albeit with the unsustainable 364 BABIP). In 2022, Sampson was a minor league depth outside his singles turn on Sunday, while Schwindle posted a much larger 209/.250/.308 infantry hitting line in 96 trips to the plate.

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Robertson is 37 years old Signed with the Cubs in March For a $3.5 million guarantee, it was a solid start to what had been an otherwise disappointing first month on Chicago’s North Side. In 12 innings, he hit 1.50 ERA while hitting 37.8% of his hits and converting all five savings opportunities. Assuming his trip to IL is COVID related, he is unlikely to be out for more than a week or so, although his absence at Bullpen could prove very costly for the club. Hope to compete But already nine games are adrift at NL Central.

Minnes, who made it to Chicago via the minor league stage for the 2021 Base 5 draft, already had some success in the majors in a limited sample, racking up a 4.04 serviceable ERA (if less pronounced 5.01 FIP) across 42 1/3 innings in parts of the Seasons 2019, 2020 and 2021, all with giants. He was basically a junior regular (and has started four games in the majors) and had a solid start in Triple-A, playing 16 2/3 innings of a 2.16 ERA while hitting better than hitting in the inning. His time in the majors may be short (perhaps only until Robertson or Strowman return from IL), but he can also enter as a long relief/alternate option if he can continue to miss the bat in the majors. The fact that he was added to the list of 40 when he could have been chosen without the addition may indicate that GM Carter Hawkins is hoping to see him roaming for a while.

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