December 7, 2022

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The couple find $800,000 in rare gold coins hidden under the kitchen floor

The couple find $800,000 in rare gold coins hidden under the kitchen floor

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While undertaking a new home renovation project, a couple from Ellerby in North Yorkshire, England, hit the jackpot after they found a mug filled with 264 gold coins worth over $800,000 under their kitchen floor.

The couple initially thought they had come across a six-inch electrical wire under the floorboards, according to the sun —but when they investigated further, it actually turned out to be a mug the size of a soda can that was shockingly filled with coins dating from between 1610 and 1727.

When they discovered the treasure trove, the couple reached out to London auction house Spink & Son, according to the outlet. The company traveled to her home to check out the coins and traced their lineage back to a family nearly 300 years ago.

According to The Sun, the gold coins belonged to the Fernley-Maisters, a wealthy family from Hull, England, who were well-known merchants. They also discovered that later generations of the Fernley Meister family served as members of parliament and yeoman politicians in the early eighteenth century.

The coins were originally valued at $231,390, but that figure turned out to be a bit much — they recently sold at auction for $852,380, according to NBC New York.

“The sale was unique in many ways,” auctioneer Gregory Edmund told The Sun, referring to “the story of the coins, the way they were discovered, and the rare opportunity to buy them at auction.”

Edmund added: “It all came together in a thriving and vibrant market to create incredible new prices as 264 coins from Ellerby’s treasure found new homes.”

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One of the coins, that of Charles II’s guinea, had a mint error – instead of “CAROLVS”, it was erroneously spelled “CRAOLVS”. Another coin was a rare Scottish issue, according to NBC.

The couple found the coins in July 2019 and have lived in the house for 10 years. They did not reveal their identity publicly.