July 2, 2022

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The company pays BRL 10,200 for anyone who finds living with cockroaches in the home

A pest control company offers US $ 2,000 (R $ 10,200) to homeowners in the United States who agree to live for 30 days with 100 US cockroaches in the United States. The purpose of the experiment is to test experimental pest control methods.

Said the North Carolina-based Insect Informer Looking for 5 to 7 owners The company allows about 100 U.S. cockroaches to be released into their homes to test new methods of getting rid of the infection.

The company said the test would take about 30 days and if the testing techniques were not successful, the pest control team would use traditional methods to remove the cockroaches.

“All tested cockroach treatments are safe for families and pets,” the company said.

The report further states that “you should not attempt any additional cockroach treatment during the study period” – indicating that humans should not interfere with insects.

Applications to participate in the program will be accepted until July 31. To participate, you must be at least 21 years old, a proven owner of the property, or in the case of tenants residing in the USA, in addition submit a statement from the property owner authorizing the inspection.

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