August 15, 2022

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The company has asked Qatar to guarantee the rights of hotel workers during the World Cup

A labor rights organization on Thursday called for an end to racism, overwork and underpayment at hotels in Qatar employing thousands of foreign workers for the World Cup.

Qatar expects to welcome more than one million visitors during the four-week event from November 21 to December 18, with a large temporary workforce to assist.

UK-based labor rights organization Equidem said workers in the Gulf country face “severe labor exploitation and human rights violations”.

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Qatar has faced widespread criticism over the conditions of its migrant workers.

The emirate insists it has made improvements in recent years, including scrapping the minimum wage and a controversial system that gave employers power over the rights of workers to change jobs or leave the country.

FIFA said this week that Qatar had “undertaken an unprecedented due diligence process to protect the rights and well-being of workers at 159 hotels, including all hotels that host participating teams”.

According to Equidem, workers in the hotel industry, such as those in Bangladesh, have told their researchers that they earn less than those in Arab countries for the same job.

The panel noted that Kenyan security officers are pressured to work in hotter temperatures than other nationalities.

Equidem reported that some employees were forced to work overtime without pay “like robots” and that many were not paid or properly compensated when they were laid off during the coronavirus pandemic.

The International Labor Organization also sought improvements, saying 20 hotels had formed committees to resolve disputes, although it said more needed to be done.

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