March 21, 2023

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The close proximity of China and Russia has worried the United States

In the middle Tensions related to UkraineThe United States is concerned about Reconciliation between Russia and China. According to The News York Times, countries in Europe are also wary of the recent strengthening of relations between historical allies Moscow and Beijing.

Presidential government in the midst of crisis Joe Biden It is trying to form alliances with European countries, mainly to isolate Putin. Chinese Foreign Minister on Saturday 19th To buy Yi, Called for talks on the crisis between Russia and Ukraine.

On that occasion, however, he defended Ukraine’s sovereignty, but also criticized NATO’s attempt to expand its borders toward Eastern Europe.

“Is it conducive to maintaining peace and stability in Europe?” He asked via video at a conference in Munich, Germany, in which US Vice President Kamala Harris He personally participated in mobilizing countries against Russia.

The good relations between China and Russia are reminiscent of a world torn apart by the Cold War. In the current conflict, China has backed the massive presence of nearly 200,000 Russian troops on the border with Ukraine.

But the biggest concern for the United States, according to The News York Times, is that China and Russia will reach an agreement and not be aggressive in the face of a potential armed conflict. In this context, the United States is working to form an alliance, including in strategic parts of Europe and Asia.

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