January 30, 2023

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The climber gets half of the treasure he stumbled upon while climbing in 2013 | The world

A climber who discovered treasures of emeralds, gems and sapphires has been buried in a box in the Mont Blanc Mountains for decades. France, Now got half of these gems.

The climber, whose name has not been released, discovered the gems in 2013. Half a century ago, it was believed to be the coffin of someone on an Indian plane that crashed in Mont Blanc in 1966.

According to French law, he was commended for handing over the climbing box to the police.

Now, eight years after his discovery, he has received half a treasure trove of hundreds of precious stones. The local authority of the Chamonix took over the other half after an attempt to locate the owner’s family in India failed.

The jewelry was split into two equal pieces, each worth about 150,000 euros (over the current price of R $ 960,000), Somonix mayor Eric Bornier told AFP.

He praised the climber’s “truth” in handing over the discovered content to the police.

Two Air India planes have already collided in Mont Blanc – the first 48 people were killed in 1950. In 1966, a second aircraft operated by the National Airlines of India hit the mountain with 117 people on board.

Authorities believe the gems may have come from the 1966 plane crash from Mumbai to New York.

In 2012, a suitcase with diplomatic letters from India was discovered. The bag contained newspapers, calendars and a personal letter from 1966.

Homi J Baba, the physicist known as the “father” of India’s nuclear program, was one of those killed in the 1966 crash.