March 21, 2023

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The British military has warned of a possible war with Russia

Risk of accidental war between Russia And the top military official said the West was the largest country ever during the Cold War United Kingdom In an interview with the Times Radio.

“I think we are in a much more competitive world than we were 10 or 15 years ago. And I think the nature of the competition between the states and the major powers will lead to more tensions. I think further tension is something to look out for, “said Nick Carter, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau. CNN.

General Carter compared the current situation from 1978 to earlier periods in his military career. “When you and I grew up, it was a bipolar world. Two blocks: the Soviet Union and the West. So we entered a period when it was one-sided United States They are absolutely important, ”he told journalist Tom Newton Dunn.

“I think now we’re in an era of multiple poles, and in a multi – polar world, there is a high risk of tension leading up to the things we talk about, as people compete for different goals and different agendas.” Said the General.

Carter warned politicians against inciting unnecessary increases, and cautioned that “increasing the militancy of some of our policies should not lead to a situation where people end up in a situation that could lead to miscalculations.”

“Many of the traditional diplomatic tools and methods that you and I developed in the Cold War are no longer there. Without these tools and methods, there is a high risk that these increases or increments will lead to miscalculation. I think this is the real challenge we have to face, ”he said.

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Asked if he believes Russia is involved Border migration crisis The EU, between Belarus and Russia, said the general did not know, but “nothing surprises him”.

“Because the modern environment, and the changing nature of the conflict and war that I have described, opens up to people the possibility of using different tools, tactics and techniques to try to undermine our unity,” he added.

President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, Denying any involvement in the border crisis, said on Saturday (13) that his country had “no connection to this”.

“I want to say one more thing. I want everyone to know. It has nothing to do with us. Everyone is trying to hold us accountable for no reason at all, ”Putin told the state news channel Russia24.

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