April 1, 2023

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The British health minister resigned after violating anti-Govt rules with his mistress

LONDON – The day after he publicly apologized for breaking the country’s isolation by hugging and kissing one of his aides, British Health Minister Matt Hancock has resigned. The meeting between the two took place about a month ago, confirmed by photos and videos published by local newspapers last Friday.

The reports, published by The Sun, led opposition Labor and Liberal Democrats to remove 42-year-old Hong Kong. “I accept that in this situation I have violated the rules of social distance. I have deceived the people and I am sorry. I will continue to focus on the task of expelling the country from this epidemic and I would be grateful if my family had privacy in this personal matter,” the former minister said in an official statement.

Former British Health Minister Matt Hankok breaks isolation to find boyfriend Photo: Breeding

A woman named Hancock was seen with one of her best advisers, Gina Colatangelo. It has been 15 years since she married former minister Martha Hoyer Williams. In the aftermath of the scandal, the country’s prime minister, Boris Johnson, accepted Hancock’s apology and said the matter was closed. But the controversy continued to grow. London Mayor Sadiq Khan said people could oppose the chapter following the measures imposed against the progress of Govt-19 in the country.

International spread: Faced with an increase in cases caused by Indian differences, the UK postpones the end of anti-Govt restrictions

As of this Saturday, 18,270 new corona virus cases have been reported in the UK, the highest since February 5. The country also confirmed 23 deaths by Govt-19. Daily cases have been on the rise for a month, but the rapid vaccination program seems to have severed the link between infections and deaths because the daily deaths are around 20.

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As of last Friday, 15,810 new cases had been registered. Data show that 83.7% of adults received the first vaccine against the disease and 61.2% received both.