March 27, 2023

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The blizzard killed five climbers

The blizzard killed five climbers on Mount Elbrus in Russia. According to local officials, 14 members of the group were rescued in critical condition at the top of the Caucasus Mountains.

According to published news Brazilian companyA group of Russian climbers called for help just after 5pm on Thursday. Of the 14 climbers rescued alive, eleven are in hospital care.

One of the victims, a woman whose identity or age was not revealed, died at the hands of Denise Alimo, one of the guides who participated in the climbing organization, according to a report by the DOS news agency.

A group of climbers were surprised by the blizzard

On the way down, one of the climbers broke his leg, according to Alimo. To try to get out of place quickly, they each had to be divided into groups based on the speed of movement.

When they landed, two more people in a group died. But the decision to split is correct. If we go the other way, more people will die, ”said the guide.

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The guides who came with the group during the trek suffered injuries and frostbite due to the temperature reaching minus 20 degrees Celsius.

Mount Elbrus is known as the highest mountain in Europe. It measures 5,642 meters and is located north of the Georgian border. Not only is it popular for its elevation, but it is also known for sudden weather changes.

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