March 27, 2023

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The black man receives the highest penalty for capital invasion without participation

The 59-year-old black man did not take part in the invasion of the US Legislature, he only supported the campaign on social media

247 – Troy Anthony Smox, a 59-year-old black man, received the highest sentence of 19 of those convicted of invading the Capitol (United States Parliament) on January 6. A Colombian court has ruled that a black man can serve up to 14 months in prison.

However, Smox did not participate in the invasion of the U.S. Legislature, he only supported the campaign on social media. He wrote on his page at the social networking site Parlor: “Prepare our weapons and then we will get them. Let’s hunt these cowards.

During interrogation, Smox was told to speak up and said he believed he was being treated very harshly because he was black.

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