July 2, 2022

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The best places in Gramato to enjoy your trip

Gramato is entirely dedicated to the reception of tourists and is located 120 km from Porto Alegre, with easy access roads to the capital on this route. During the July holidays, the movement increases due to the Corpus Christi holidays, with the public wanting to spend the last months of winter comfortably and quietly.

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The city is very quiet and romantic, which is why it’s a perfect place for those who can not use the June 12 date much. With unforgettable cultural and gastronomic tours, this place carries the affection of traditions from generation to generation.

Places to visit when visiting the city of Gramato

Mini world

The Mini Mundo contains 24 times smaller copies of iconic buildings from countless countries. Admission starts at R $ 39.

The world of chocolate

In Mundo de Chocolate, 7 rooms are provided with scenes carved in solid chocolate. Selected places to be in this exhibition Coming to Switzerland, Africa, Mexico, Egypt, India, China, Japan, Rio de Janeiro, New York, Europe, the 4.22 meters is represented by the world’s largest chocolate eiffel tower. Tickets start at R $ 17.50.

Black Lake

In this area, trees were imported from the Black Forest of Germany, which replaced the area destroyed by fire. An artificial river completes the beautiful scenery and the way to the area is through many artisans and regular southern food stalls. The tour is free.

Wax Museum

Dreamland opened in 2009 and became Latin America’s first wax museum with over 100 famous statues. To enter, you must pay a value from R $ 80.

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From minus 5 to 3 degrees you can see the frozen ice rink, skiing training and skating shows. Ticket prices vary according to the schedule and many restaurants can be found on the page.

Cinnamon and other parks

The neighboring town of Kramado, Canola, offers several locations, 60 thousand square meters, which includes tree climbing, quadricycle, roller coaster 5D cinema. Terra Mágica is a traditional amusement park with a dinosaur theme. Ticket prices also vary according to the season.

Maria Fumasa and wineries

Wine lovers can not help but admire the flavors offered by the ravenello, stopasola and secenfrido wineries. Standing at some stations and walking through Maria Fumasa to taste the best labels is an incredible experience. The train travels to Pento Gonzalves, Garibaldi and Carlos Barbosa, and the 23km journey is worth about R $ 400.

Bus Travel

There are many places in Gramado where tourists can visit the most famous places, museums, churches, wineries and parks for as little as R $ 79 to R $ 129.

Gramado Film Festival

Many free sessions at the awards ceremony for films of various genres and The
The 50th edition of this event takes place from 12th to 20th August.

Christmas light

It runs from October 27th to January 29th. Parades and concerts mark the end of the year and the 2022 event is scheduled for October 27 and ends on January 29, 2023.