December 7, 2022

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Minnesota Vikings v Buffalo Bills

The Bells defense had 12 men on the field to stop Dalvin Cook

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The Bills defense came with a big stop for the Vikings running back dolphin cook on the first and goal from the 2-yard line in overtime from Sunday’s game and they did it with a little extra help.

Vikings coach Kevin O’Connell said Sunday he thought the Buffalo defense had 12 players on the field when they threw Cook for a three-yard loss, but they wanted to confirm that on tape. The tape showed that O’Connell was right.

“I know it moves really fast in there sometimes,” O’Connell said via Kevin Seifert of

Instead of getting a first and a goal on the 1-yard line, the Vikings played from the 5-yard line. Kirk Cousins He was sent off and an incomplete throw before the Vikings green-lighted a field goal. Bills led to the scoring center, but the knockout Patrick Peterson The victory was decided by an objection in the end zone.

Sunday’s referee staff made two big mistakes late in the game. In addition to losing 12 men, they requested a pass to Bills wide receiver Gabe Davis In the last minute of regulation, it is finished when he does not control the ball through contact with the ground. Replay assistant didn’t stop game for play review, first NFL vice president tells referee Walt Anderson They should have done it.

Coaches can challenge the 12 men they missed on field calls outside of the last two minutes of games or in overtime. All returns start from the kiosk in those cases. Patriots coach Bill Belichick said Monday he thinks coaches should always be able To challenge calls and situations such as those in Buffalo on Sundays are more likely to attract others to this view.

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