March 25, 2023

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The beautician distracts and burns the client’s face

Asli Ilhan (Credit: Reproduction)

Asli Ilhan, 42, went to an aesthetic clinic for laser facial rejuvenation treatment in Muratpasa, Turkey. During the process, the professional was able to distract and burn the client’s face.

The woman told The Sun that she felt her face burn when she heard the cosmetologist arguing on the phone with her boyfriend. After the procedure, she went to a pharmacy to buy creams in an effort to ease the pain.

The result is marks and scars all over her face. “People make mistakes sometimes, but I paid a high price.”

Asley sued the clinic and claimed he had low self-esteem due to failed treatment. “Now I face a bigger problem than the sagging skin caused by the marks on my face.”

“Not only did my face burn badly, but I also suffered from my psychological state during this period.”

The court ordered the saloon to pay $ 260 (approximately R $ 1,465) in damages for the offense. But Solomon KC, the lawyer representing Asli, said the amount was not enough.

“We think the penalty for burning a person’s face in a way that leaves no visible marks is not a fine,” he said.

Asli Ilha said he did not accept the decision.

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